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Mac Client Install

Note: You will need administrator access to install.

Once installed, you can access your application through web browser.

1. Download Citrix Receiver from http://receiver.citrix.com for the Mac.

2. Click the download button on http://receiver.citrix.com webpage.

3. Open the Download folder and click "CitrixReceiverWeb.dmg".

4. Click 'Continue' and follow the onscreen instructions.

5. When prompted, enter your Macintosh Administrator username and password and then click Install Software.

6. Click close on the installer.

7. In Safari web address bar type https://remoteaccess.templehealth.org

8. Log into Citrix using your regular network credentials.

Windows Client Install

1. In Internet Explorer type in http://receiver.citrix.com the address bar.

2. Click the "Download" button.

3. Agree to the license agreement by checking the box.

4. When prompted, run the CitrixReceiver.exe file.
NOTE Different versions of Internet Explorer have slightly different messages.

5. Once the "Citrix Receiver" window comes up select the install button.

6. Wait for the green status bar to go across indicating your installation progress.

7. Click the Finish button.
IMPORTANT: You do not need to put an email address in your receiver

8. Click on the "Gear" button on your browser then select 'Internet options'

9. Select the "Security" tab.

10. Select the "Trusted sites" icon. It is a green check mark.

11. Move 'Security level' slider to "low"

12. Click the "Sites" button below the zones.

13. In the 'Add this website to the zone:' box type in https://access.templehealth.org and click the "Add" button. Then click the close button.

14. In Internet Explorer type in https://remoteaccess.templehealth.org the address bar.

15. Log into Citrix using your regular network credentials.